Analysis of the German Drone Market

“The German drone market has enormous potential because we have strong companies both on the manufacturer side and among potential users of drone technology. Whether we, as an industrial location in Germany, are at the forefront here and also exploit these opportunities is now being decided. We have to be careful not to miss a trend here and lose the connection internationally.”Matthias von Randow and Volker Thum, Executive Directors German Unmanned Aviation Association

Results of the market study:

Almost 500,000 drones fly in Germany

There are about half a million drones in circulation in Germany. Of these, 455,000 drones are used privately and 19,000 drones commercially. The professional users rarely use the drones for a single purpose, but use them for various applications: surveying, mapping, inspection, filming and photography, etc.

400 drone companies and 10,000 people are involved with drones:

There are almost 400 drone companies in Germany. On average, these are three years old and have 12 employees. Around 10,000 women and men in Germany are primarily concerned with drones in their jobs. Since 2012, 170 million US dollars have been invested in German companies specializing in drones and air taxis.

Germany’s drone market is in the midfield internationally

The German drone market is currently worth 574 million euros. The commercial drone market accounts for 404 million euros and the private drone market for 169 million euros. In the ranking of the largest commercial drone markets, Germany ranks fourth, after the USA, China and France. This is put into perspective, however, if one does not take the absolute value of the market as a basis, but the size of the market per employee –then, Germany ranks 17th.

The German drone market will continue to grow

The number of operational drones in Germany will increase to around 850,000 by 2030. While growth in private use is leveling off, the number of commercial drones is increasing to 126,000. At present, only one in every 24 drones in Germany is operated commercially; by 2030 it will be one in every six. The German drone market will grow from 574 million euros to almost 3 billion euros by 2030, which corresponds to an annual average growth rate of 14 percent. Growth will be driven primarily by the commercial market.

The market study

The German drone market – compared to other countries – only ranks in the midfield so far. According to absolute figures, the local drone market ranks fourth, after the USA, China, and France. However, in terms of the size of the market per employee, Germany only ranks 17th internationally – behind countries such as Switzerland and Norway.

The study on the German drone market is the first study on market development and market players to be based on empirical data. The market research company Drone Industry Insights from Hamburg, which specializes in unmanned aircraft systems, was commissioned to carry out the analysis.

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