Analysis of the German drone Market

The number of drones in Germany will increase to around 450,000 by 2025. Growth will be particularly strong in drones used for commercial purposes. It is interesting to take a look at air taxis as they have been driving technologies for commercial aviation – German companies are global leaders in this sector. These are some of the key findings of the latest “Analysis of the German drone market”.

Results of the market study at a glance:

There are 430,700 drones in operation in Germany

There are well over 400,000 drones in circulation in Germany, of which the largest share, some 385,500, are in personal use. However, the market for drones for personal use appears to be saturated, while the use of drones for commercial purposes is gaining in popularity: The share of drones in commercial use has increased by 138 per cent to the current figure of 45,200 since 2019.

More and more people are employed in the drone market

More than 14,000 people in Germany are concerned primarily with drones as part of their work – an increase of 4,000 since 2019. Some 423 million euros have been invested in German drone companies since 2012, 67 per cent of which within the last two years alone. On average, German drone companies are just under six years old and employ around seventeen people.

In international terms, Germany’s drone market ranges in the midfield

The German drone market is currently worth 840 million euros. The commercial drone market accounts for 738 million euros and the personal drone market for 102 million euros. In the ranking of the largest commercial drone markets, Germany ranks fourth after the USA, China and Japan. However, this has to be seen in relative terms when the size of the market per employee, and not the absolute size of the market is taken as a basis: in this case, Norway and Switzerland are in the lead in a global comparison. The largest market in absolute terms, the USA, would then be in fifth place, while Germany continues to be in 17th place, unchanged from 2019.

The German drone market will continue to grow


The number of drones in Germany is set to increase to around 450,000 by 2025. While growth in personal use will continue to level off, the number of drones in commercial use will rise to 132,000. Currently, only one in nine drones is operated for commercial use in Germany; this figure is set to rise to three drones by 2025. The German drone market will expand from €840 million to over €1.6 billion by 2025, corresponding to an average annual growth rate of 14.5 per cent. Growth is mainly driven by the commercial market.

The market study

With this market study for the German drone market, The German Unmanned Aviation Association (VUL) presents an update of the 2019 market study which is based on actual market data. The market research company Drone Industry Insights based in Hamburg, which specialises in unmanned aviation, was hired to conduct the analysis.

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