Our declared common objective is the sustainable and safe development of the drone market in Germany and Europe and the creation of binding rules and standards for users and operators.German Aviation Association (BDL) and German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI)

Objectives of the association

Binding set of rules

As GERMAN UNMANNED AVIATION ASSOCIATION, we are committed to the sustainable and, above all, safe development of the unmanned aircraft systems market. One of the central tasks of the association is to reveal not only the many opportunities offered by the widespread use of unmanned aircraft systems but also the challenges associated with it. Unmanned aircraft systems – colloquially referred to mostly as drones – are the fastest-growing industry segment in the world. They are the core of the future technology of the 21st century. This makes it all the more important to identify and limit at an early stage any security risks that could arise from civil unmanned aviation. We therefore promote the creation of uniform rules and standards for the safe operation of unmanned aircraft systems at the international, European and national levels. The enormous potential of the new technology can only be exploited to the full with a binding set of rules.

We are of the opinion that the individual and business-related operation of drones must be possible nationwide in the future. In order to help commercial unmanned aviation achieve a breakthrough in Germany, it is necessary to gain acceptance among the population. To this end, the safe integration of drones into airspace must be ensured. A key criterion of this is ensuring the integrity of persons and property when manned and unmanned aircraft systems are operated in the same airspace. We are therefore strongly committed to maintaining and further developing the standards achieved in aviation and flight safety.

Enable nationwide operation

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