Fields of application

By 2020, the total number of drones sold in Germany will rise to well over one million.DFS, German Air Traffic Control, 2017

The economic significance of drones has long since moved beyond the question of purely private use for leisure purposes. From package deliveries to inspection tasks to individualized air traffic – we are only just beginning to recognize the full range of possible fields of application. As the GERMAN UNMANNED AVIATION ASSOCIATION, we are committed to the development of this future technology. As manufacturers and users, the established companies in the aviation industry as well as many innovative start-ups provide important impetus for the development of new fields of application in the service and high-tech sector and thus also for the creation of new jobs.

  • Aviation industry

    In the aviation industry, drones can be used at airports, for example, to check take-off, landing, and taxiing areas and for aircraft maintenance.

  • Agricultural economy

    In agriculture, the use of drones makes it possible to manage land more individually and more precisely, which leads to increased yields.

  • Energy industry

    In the energy industry, the use of drones in the inspection of high-voltage lines, wind turbines, and other infrastructure can reduce the risks for maintenance personnel and minimize downtimes.

  • Distribution logistics

    In distribution logistics, services can be improved and cost advantages realized through the use of drones.

  • Construction and real estate industry

    In the construction industry, mining, and geology, precise geographical data can be collected through the use of drones; such data serve as a basis for volume calculation, stockpile measurement, documentation of construction sites and terrain, and in opencast mines.

  • Other application fields

    In traffic management, environmental protection, monitoring of energy supply, and maritime transport as well as at borders, the use of drones can also improve the performance of many governmental tasks.

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